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Overdose, from the Galila Barzilai Hollander Collection, Design Museum Holon. 


Curators and exhibition design: Avihai Mizrahi and Neil Nenner

The exhibition "Overdose" raises questions concerning the essence of those simple things that are nearly impossible to notice, as well as to live without. Functional objects are taken for granted as long as they remain unchanged. Paradoxically, however, since we are accustomed to ignoring their presence, we are highly sensitive to minute changes in their form or ability to function. Many of the exhibition participants transform or expand the original function of an object. This critical and poetic perspective on the familiar calls for immersion in a primal, childlike and playful space, devoid of prejudices.

The exhibition features the interpretation given by some 150 artists and designers to everyday objects – all from the Galila Barzilai Hollander Collection, which includes thousands of contemporary art and design works from Israel and abroad. Each work was selected for the collection based on an intuitive choice and an emotional connection. Many of the works are on display in the collector’s home, where she lives alongside them: works concerned with books, food, shoes, chairs, money and more. In hosting the “human” objects contained in this home, the museum itself becomes a metaphorical home. Each of the galleries alludes to a familiar domestic environment, and each installation reconstructs an everyday scene. The change of perspective allows for the revelation of the strange in the familiar, the intimate in the public, and the implicit in the excessive.

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