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Under the surface book, 2024

following the project "the Pit" The Book Under the surface,  is now published. edited by prof. Tamar Elor, Co authors Avihai Mizrahi and Neil Nenner.

published by Resling and Design Museum Holon.

Under the surface avihai mizrahi and neil nenner

A chair and you, Mudac, Lausanne, Switzerland. 10.2022 – 02.2023

2 Note chair will be part of "A Chair and You" at the Mudac design museume Lausanne. the exhibition will present the collection of Thierry Barbier-Mueller: a unique and exceptional collection of nearly 600 pieces.

Opening 10.2022 


Bar stool, Israel Museum 

Bar stool, designed for Gaga & Design (2011) is now part of the Israel museum permanent collection.  

Bar stool 75 black_edited.jpg

Works on paper' at the Jewish Museum of Belgium- Brussels.

Very happy to be part of 'Works on paper' at the Jewish Museum of Belgium- Brussels. Featuring paper works from the collection of Galila Barzilai Hollander. Items from our work Cover Story made with Avihai Mizrahi will be included in the show . 17/09/21 - 13/02/22


1001 characters
by Yaacov Kaufman, Israel museum-Jerusalem

exhibition 1001 characters
by Yaacov Kaufman at the Ruth Youth Wing, Israel museum, Jerusalem.
I had the honor to design the exhibition.12/20-09/21


Glad to present 'Safe Harbor'- a new work made for 'Point Cloud' exhibition, made with Avihai Mizrahi. It will run during the Menofim Festival, Jerusalem. 30/10/19 - 28/11/19


Becoming, Afteer Barr art center Maalot

2 items from the work 'Punctuation Marks' will be presented at the gallery. 05/04/19 - 30/05/19

Sled, bench, small shelfs.jpg

On guard, Jerusalem Design Week

My work ' Familiar Stories' will be presented at the exhibition.

07/06/18 - 14/06/18 Beit Hansen


Segmeister & Walsh, Design Museum Holon

Very Happy to invite you all to the exhibition of Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh at Design Museum Holon
the exhibition designed with Avihai Mizrahi.

06/06/18 - 20/10/18


On the edge, Erezt Israel Museum- tel Aviv

Our new work 'Cover story', Made with Avihai Mizrahi, will be presented at the exhibition.



The Recipients: Ministry of Culture and Sport Awards in Art and Design, Herzliya Museum of contemporary art.

My new work 'Cradle to Cradle', Made for the show, will be presented at the museum.

September 2016


Byson, Uncomfort, Jerusalem Design Week 22-29/06.23

Our new project "BYSON" will be presented at the exhibition Uncomfort, part of the event Jerusalem Design Week.

at Beit Hansen. June 2023

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-13 at 16.50.48.jpeg

Overdose catalogue

Overdose catalogue is now published, by P.O.C and Design Museum Holon. Edited, designed and produced by Avihai Mizrahi and Neil Nenner.

overdose catalogue neil nenner and avihai mizrahi

Overdose, design museum holon 04.22-08.22

Extremely happy to open the show: “Overdose, works from Galila Barzilai Hollander’s collection“ at Design museum Holon. 150 artists and 180 works will be on display. exhibition curated and designed with my dearest partner Avihai Mizrahi.



The Pit, Design Museum Holon

The Pit: Artifacts raised up from the belly of the earth, is now open at Holon design museum
The exhibition curated and designed with Avihai Mizrahi. 
Presenting the findings of an excavation made at Tel Aviv first Landfill 25/02/21


Not in heaven, Jerusalem Art Biennale

We are pleased to present the second series of the cover story project at the Jerusalem Art Biennale as part of the exhibition Not in heaven.made with Avihai Mizrahi Opening 15/10/19, Hutzot Hayotzer

Cover Story #2 object#_3Neil_Nenner_Avihai_Mizrahi.jpg

State of extremes, Design Museum Holon

Our project “Black Swan lifeboat” made with Avihai Mizrahi is now presented 
at "State of extremes" - the 10th anniversary exhibition of Design Museum Holon



Disruption, Vitrina Gallery HIT

3 items from the work 'Cover story', made with Avihai Mizrahi, will be presented at the gallery. 27/12/18 - 18/01/19


Materials meter, Seager Gray gallery -Sun Francisco

Items from our work ' Cover story', Made with Avihai Mizrahi, will be presented at the exhibition.

02/03/18 - 01/04/18 


Design First, Auction, Dorotheum- Vienna

My work 'cradle to cradle', will be presented at the auction.



Overview, Design Museum Holon

My new work 'Eye test', Made for the show, will be presented at the museum.

27/05/17 - 20/12/17 


Punctuation Marks, Solo exhibition, Saga Gallery- Tel Aviv

Very happy to present my work 'Punctuation Marks' at the gallery.

opening 20/12/2015

Bar stool,2 back rests chair, 1 back rest chair.jpg
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