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Silence from the holy sepulcher, De Tech exhibition, Bait Hansen, Jerusalem, June 2015.

Beni Bashan, Liron Peretz, Neil Nenner, Avihai Mizrahi

Album of Silence at the Church of Holy Sepulcher, 2015

An album of recordings that took place in the Church of Holy Sepulcher, in an attempt to examine what is silence, could it be traded, and why does modern man need it so? Beni Bashan created this experiment as another tier in his artistic work, with which he reflects the ills of modern society that overflows with stimuli and noise. Is the longing for silence simply a natural response of the human mechanism, an existential need?

As part of this experiment I have created the “black lamps”, an installation to be located at the unique space of the Holy Sepulcher, function as a non-object. Existing there only to mark the place of a lamp, a symbol of an object.  


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